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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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park. the toddler was rushed to johns hopkins hospital and is expected to survive. new tonight a drunk driver who killed a towson university ?awd a hit and run crash will not be cleared. jeff hager joins us with more. >> reporter: the stamply of the victim -- family of the victim said it's too soon to put this behind them. the parents of a young victim killed by a drunk driver emerged from the courthouse relieved that the young man who ran away from the scene of the accident will not be able to hide from his criminal record. >> i'm relieved, but i feel badly format through. we're not without any feelings for him.
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you know, we don't wish him ill will. we wish him to be a successful human being. matthew miller was driving when his car struck goucher road and struck kevin ryan. miller's attorney filed motion to modify his record to remove the stigma so he would be better able to get a job. >> you can't deny you were convicted. he embraces that. it's part of his self-therapy to work through. >> reporter: but miller did not embrace his role on the night the towson university student died. he left the scene and later dialed 911 to offer up a false report that he had been carjacked. meantime kevin ryan was left mi. another car ran over him,
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sealing his fate. >> i accept his apology. i just think in this case he let his lawyer lead him too quickly to this motion and tried to force. it you can forgive people over time but it's hard to do when it's jammed down your throat. >> reporter: the online request attracted 2600 cigna churs. miller only had to serve seven months of his 18-month sentence. >> according to statistics, maryland is ranked 26 of all states in dui related deaths. nearly 4,000 had five prior drunk driving arrests. now to our continuing
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coverage of the trayvon martin case. we have new video in the case of the florida unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain. that man, george zimmerman remains free, four weeks after the shooting. jamie costello has the latest. >> reporter: this video maybe the game changer for the grand jury investigating this case. this is our first look at george zimmerman after he shot and killed trayvon martin. zimmerman does not appear to have the head injuries he claims he suffered. >> this is effectively disproving what zimmerman is saying. so the investigative grand jury probably will get to see something like this. >> reporter: the orlando affiliate interviewed the man
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and said the police report is accurate. >> he was punched in the nose. trayvon martin said something to the effect of you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight. >> reporter: abc2 news spoke with martin's girlfriend who was on the phone with him. >> the only thing that trayvon told that man is why are you following me. >> reporter: martin's death sparked protests and a debate over both race and gun control. they were debated in a townhall eye find it deplorable that someone like mr. zimmerman would be able to have a gun. if you look at his pasted, he -- past, he had been arrested previously, called in the police station over 40 times even to report a young african-american of only seven years of age. >> reporter: the funeral
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director said there's no evidence on the teen's hands that he punched somebody. jamie costello, abc2 news. a florida couple's whose address was tweeted out by director smiek -- spike lee is speak out. lee retweeted the home. zimmerman lives more than four miles away from them. they said they were terrified when reporters and hate mail started showing up. >> we had a reporter and cameraman on -- at our door asking for a george. the next day we got hate mail and then the next day we had many, many cameras coming. >> the mcclains moved into a
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hotel room. they said the youngest son has the name zimmerman and middle name george. well, the judge presiding over the penn state child sexual abuse case against jerry sandusky has delayed the trial. it was base on several motion filed by sandusky's attorneys. the new trial is set to start on june 5th. it started out as a campaign on facebook to get mattel to add a bald barbie doll. mattel will create a bald friend for barbie next year. the doll will come with wigs, hats and scarfs and other accessories to help kids who have lost their hair due to
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chemotherapy. mattel said it will directly give the dolls to the children who have been impacted by it and will give dolls to the national cancer andal low pee sha -- and alopecia foundation. bully is the documentary about two familieses who kids committed suicide. since kids under 17 can't go to an r move scry -- movie without a parent, critics argue. right now the movie is being released in new york and los angeles. in education news. baltimore's superintendent is at
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the conference that's dedicated to supporting young people interested in education related careers. this year's theme is believe, inspire, teach. kind of like that theme. the theme of today's weather has been crystal clear but very breezy. what about this, a frost advisory. it starts at 2 a.m. in the morning. another night where we have to protect the outdoor plants. northern maryland, this is north of the city, north of annapolis and not on the eastern shore. there's a freeze concern overnight. winds continue to funnel in. that will drop temperatures into the 50s and 40s and 30s. i'll show you how things shape up in the weekend forecast coming up in a few. there hasn't been a megamillions winner since january and that payout has
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grown to epic proportions. someone just became a quarter million dollars richer. >> reporter: there's a reason the sales are still high. the winnings have now reached an all team high of $540 million. that's the largest payout for any lottery ever in the world. 540million shattered the old record in 2007. if you win you can take equal payments over 26 years or a one time payment of $389 million, a measly $239 after taxes. people coming in here today hope
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the luck continues. chris normally plays about $5, but with the winnings at $540 million, he decided to step it up a notch. >> everybody's going to be playing now. i'm hoping i'm the lucky dog. >> reporter: that's what most people realize but that didn't stop robin klein from playing for the first time. >> last tuesday and i didn't. i thought somebody's going to win and nobody did. i thought yeah, i'm going to play. so here i am. >> reporter: robin has the same thought we all do. >> i'll be back here. >> reporter: so i have my tickets. the chances of winning at 174 million to one, odds are, i will probably be back to work.
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>> there's an 80% chance there will be a winning ticket friday and the odds are two winning tickets. coming up, one in 88 children as some form of autism according to a new study by the centers for disease control. we'll take a look at the study and what impact it may have on the children. the uproar on pink i'm has grocery stores and schools pulling it off the shelves. with gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, thieves are seeing liquid gold. how they stole gas at a gas station in georgia.
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the makers of the beef filler, the so-called pink slime are pushing back against the criticism. they say the filler is safe and
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the criticism is unwarranted. >> reporter: governors from several beef producing states are firing back against what they say is an unwarranted food scare. the term is lean textured beef but widely known has pink slime a cleave ingredient made of left over beefs and treated with ammonia gassments the filler, once used only in dog food and cooking oil was recently found in 20% of the ground beef we buy. critics say it's not even beef but the government doesn't require them to police pink slime on the labor. >> people should be much more aware of the foods they're eating. >> reporter: after reports of abc news, store after store began removing it including the largest store kroger and the
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second largest safeway. >> it's safe. it contains less fat and historically it's been less expensive. >> reporter: beef products incorporated is the main produce are of pink slime. it's suspend operations at the plants for 60 days as they try to restore confidence in the product. the company says if the market has not recovered after two months. >> we won't have a decision other than to formally terminate employees. >> reporter: meat industry reps said if consumers want to eliminate it, prices will certainly go up. karen travers. a sunny day. 61 now at bwi with a north wind
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at 9:00. it's been whipping us pretty good at times. i want to show you annapolis. some beautiful weather in the state capital, a chop on the severn river. our view from kent island, the bay bridge marina, an awesome view across the chesapeake and a fantastic finish. chilly on the beach. maryland's most powerful radar continues to scan. that will continue to be the case through saturday morning, our freeze advisories are up for northern and western maryland where you see the lighter shaded blue north of the pennsylvania state line, expecting temperatures to drop for several hours toward dawn so if you did plan early, just bring the plants in for the overnight period into the day tomorrow. winds steady from the north. it's going to be a chilly wind.
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winds will begin to let up but they're gusting. as the winds relent, temperatures will continue to fall. the numbers near 60 at the inner harbor, these numbers headed south by daybreak. so it will be a chilly start friday morning. with the rapid warmup, widespread sunshine and another nice day with temperatures pushing back to 60 on your friday. our next weather maker beginning to develop out of illinois. it's not a particularly large storm but we think it will pick up additional moisture and end up being a weekend weather maker as it dives south briefly overnight friday night into saturday morning. we may continue to see the clouds right through the day. dry air in place across the east. as we look at the overall setup hour trend showing very limited changes through the day tomorrow. as we go into friday night, that's where we have the chance for the shower. the chance for rain continues
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through 8 a.m. saturday. other than that, patchy drizzle. overnight down to 37, clear skies as the winds diminish. your two degree, some sun early. clouds will increase plate in the day. tomorrow night, this is not like friday night but overnight friday night into early saturday morning that's where we could see some showers. seven-day forecast looking ahead. really not a bad outlook. we have to remember that typically we're still only 58, only 59 degrees on average as we go from late march into early april. next week as we shoot back into the upper 60s, this is still unusually warm. we're kind of used to it now. but 58 would be average, so this sun usual. >> okay. guess what? forget about the key to the city
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-- key to johns hopkins children's hospital. they're celebrating their anniversary. they gave us this key to the hospital. >> very nice. >> cool. >> how heavy is that thing? >> not too heavy. >> thanks for that. we appreciate it. >> may 1st we'll be there. soldier station in afghanistan, but that didn't stop them from witnesses a very special delivery. specialist brock howard's wife gave birth in kalamazoo, michigan and help didn't missian thing due to skype. >> i saw him on mary's stomach, i lost it. i absolutely cheered. i was sad and happy at the same time. i have a beautiful son now.
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>> he is lay dorpable. >> he said he hopes to meet his son in person real soon. congratulations. near live every one of us knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. why research is offering new hope. what if something found in nature can help you lose 10% of the body weight. sign me up. we'll take a look at this. stick around.
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in tonight's health alert, we're talking about cancer prevention. according to researcher, half of all cancers are preventable.
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they say we have the information necessary to prevent it. smoke alone accounts for one third of all the cases. now obesity is responsible for another 20%, but there are some obstacles. people are sceptical that cancer can be prevented. gardasil could have additional benefits for women already affected with hpv. it reduces it by 46%. the centers of disease control and prevention said the human papilloma virus is the most commonly transmitted infection. it can lead to genital warts and cervical cancer. obesity is a big problem.
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the federal government along with schools have been looking for ways to cut calories. one thing is creating a lot of controversy, chocolate milk, high in fat and sugar. a lot of schools have been taking it off the menu, but some schools weren't buying it because they were not drinking any type of milk. they weren't getting the proper type of nutrients. the fda is telling schools it's okay to serve flavored milk as long last it's fat free. doctors say that sugar is sugar. >> we in our research laboratory have done studies that show by every parameter, high fructose corn syrup and table sugar are identical. >> for most people, cutting the fat seems to pay off.
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they put a nonfat version back on the lunch men news. they felt flavored milk was a better alternative than no milk at all ?iewn roasted coffee beans may be the key to quick weight loss. a new study found that a small group of overweight people lost about 10% of their body weight after eating less than an ounce of ground green coffee beans for 22 weeks. they combined the coffee with low fat diet and exercise. they suspect substance found in the beans could be behind the fat burning. coming up, more children than ever before are being diagnosed with some form of autism. which group saw the largest increases and how early intervention can help. amazing video out of colorado. a family documents their escape.
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why some families are deciding to stay away from their homes even though they were allowed to go back today. it's a dream for many families -- sending kids off to college. how to get the most financial aid possible. that story's coming up.
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